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Renovations - Building Repairs


Our company undertakes the construction - repair and restoration of your home. Building a home is a difficult, complicated and often time-consuming process. It requires years of experience and expertise to achieve the best results.

Build with us the house of your dreams. With years of experience and state-of-the-art equipment, we are able to help you successfully complete this endeavor. 


Restoring a home is also a process that requires experience and high expertise and knowledge.
In order for the restoration to be done properly, it is necessary to initiate an initial check on the structural elements of the building in order to clarify their static adequacy.
The study is the next step where the rehabilitation expert is conducting the study to repair the problems identified in the building's building blocks.
Wall reinforcement is only possible when the masonry is required. By using the right materials the walls of the building will gain the reinforcement they need
Various techniques are used to repair the building. Some examples of techniques include sandblasters, carbon fiber, cement injections, ganate fittings, rectangular injections,


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